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Taniel Varouzhan Annual Lecture

The Programme of Armenian Studies


Ghent University

are delighted to announce the establishment of the Taniel Varouzhan Annual Lecture.

From inception to realisation, the Taniel Varouzhan Annual Lecture has been three years in the making. It is the brainchild of the Programme of Armenian of Studies, which seeks to immortalise the memory and legacy of this great writer in Ghent. We are indebted to Ghent University for their invaluable moral and practical support.

Who is Taniel Varouzhan?

Taniel Varouzhan (1884-1915) is one of the most celebrated Armenian poets, whose poetry set a milestone in Armenian literature in the early 20th century. He was an alumnus of Ghent University, on the walls of which there hangs a commemorative plaque in his honour.

What is the Taniel Varouzhan Annual Lecture?

The Taniel Varouzhan Annual Lecture will be the highlight of our calendar of events. Every year we will invite a prominent academic or intellectual to Ghent University to speak on topics related to Armenian Studies and Armenians in general.

Dates for your diary

The next will take place in Ghent on Saturday 9 May 2020. Details soon to follow.

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