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Western Armenian Teacher Training Programme

The Programme of Armenian Studies is extremely pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative to train the next generation of teachers of Western Armenian. Under this initiative, one of its members, Adham Smart, has moved to Beirut to take part in a one-year Western Armenian Teacher Training Programme.

For one year, Adham will be actively engaged in studying Western Armenian with a teacher specifically organised by the Programe of Armenian Studies. The teacher will assist Adham’s linguistic progression through a structured programme. Dr Krikor Moskofian travelled to Beirut in April 2017 to organise and confirm the necessary arrangements.

Over the last two years, Adham has been completing his MA in linguistics at Oxford University, during which he regularly attended Oxford Armenian Studies classes in Classical and Middle Armenian. He understands the need to protect and promote Western Armenian, and looks forward to learning it to a very high standard. Adham is a poet, having been invited to perform in various countries, and regularly translates Georgian to English at a professional standard.

Adham will be closely involved in the educational activities of the Karageuzian Association, a charity that provides wide ranging services to the local Armenian community in Bourj Hammoud. He will be working with disadvantaged children.

Adham’s contribution to our Programme in the future will be of immeasurable importance. Upon his return from Lebanon, he will be taking teaching responsibilities in the Programme’s Evening Courses and Summer Intensive Courses at Elementary and Intermediate level. This is concurrent to the view that in the future, his engagement in our activities will be much broader.

We owe thanks to the Karageuzian Association, its director Mr Serop Ohanian and senior social worker Ms Raquelle Ketchejian. We also give our thanks to Dr Armenag Yeghiayan.

Finally we would like to express our special thanks to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for providing Adham with a grant for this initiative.

This project was initiated and organised by Dr Krikor Moskofian.

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