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Online Western Armenian Conversation

The Programme of Armenian Studies’ online Western Armenian conversation courses use no textbooks, exercises, traditional teaching etc. There is no teacher; the leader of the session will play the role of another participant. There will be conversation practice to build the participants’ language skills for everyday use on different topics, as well as an element of grammar in order to consolidate current language skills.


The sessions will start on Saturday 2 January and Sunday 3 January 2021, and will run for 10 weeks.

  • European group: Sundays at 9.30 AM (UK time)
  • American group: Sundays at 6 PM (UK time)
  • Third group: Saturdays at 6 PM (UK time). Priority for this group will be given to those who have community commitments on Sunday.

There are three cycles of the course per year at £110 per cycle.


For the first 25-30 minutes of each meeting, every participant will have 4-5 minutes to talk on a topic of his/her choice. There will then be a general discussion on a topic which will be decided either by our team or by the participants collectively. We will send out the relevant vocabulary, phrases and expressions in advance so that participants will have time to prepare. Dr Moskofian will lead these meetings with the help of another colleague fluent in Western Armenian.


The topics could be anything of interest to the participants; contemporary issues, art, religion, politics, food, literature, nature, professions, etc.

Every week one grammatical feature will be explained. Participants should come up one or two grammatical questions, such as unclear grammatical rules or a question of etymology. These will be explained during the meetings or via email.    

We will support you throughout the term. Participants can have a one-to-one meeting with Dr Moskofian once per term (around 30 minutes).

Word of the day
During term time participants will receive an Armenian word every day with the meaning, etymology or the structure explained and used in a sentence.

Idiomatic expression 
Each week participants will receive an idiomatic expression.

Audiovisual material
From time to time you will receive Western Armenian videos and songs with their lyrics for further language practice.

Please contact Dr Moskofian at k.moskofian AT for any queries.

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