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On the eve of our tenth anniversary, the Programme of Armenian Studies is delighted to announce the establishment of the first fully-taught Online Western Armenian College, offering courses from Beginners’ to Advanced levels.

After the success of the meticulously-designed Beginners’ and Elementary courses we launched in March 2021, and in response to high demand for more courses, we decided to broaden our activities in this domain by creating a start-to-finish educational project.

The courses are taught on Zoom, and are designed, organised and taught by Dr Krikor Moskofian, along with an assistant teacher.

Course timetable

All courses will take place once a week and run for ten weeks, and each session will last 1 hour 30 minutes.


Date and time: Tuesdays at 6.30 PM (UK time)
Start date: 5 April 2022
Course fee: £189

During this course, participants will familiarise themselves with the Armenian alphabet using a method devised by the Programme of Armenian Studies. Each week a group of letters will be introduced with relevant exercises.

Over ten weeks participants will learn the alphabet and take their first steps in speaking, and will also become familiar with the different parts of speech as they learn to read.



Date and time: Mondays at 6.30 PM (UK time)
Start date: 4 April 2022
Course fee: £189

Participants will revise and develop the knowledge they have acquired in the Beginners’ course, and will learn to express feelings, describe objects and people, and express possession, as well as studying certain grammatical rules.


Upper Elementary

Not currently running

Participants will revise and develop the knowledge they have acquired in the Beginners’ and Elementary courses. They will also tackle confusing letters and difficult to pronounce words and sounds; learn to describing the location of objects; have their first taste of noun cases; learn expressions of need; and learn to construct more complex sentence using the relevant vocabulary.


Lower Intermediate

Date and time: Wednesdays at 6.30 PM (UK time)
Start date: 6 April 2022
Course fee: £189

Participants will become familiar with the conjugation of the present tense of regular verbs as well as regular declension patterns. They will acquire syntactical structures and practise sophisticated sentences. New vocabulary will allow the participants to express their views on different topics.

Note: there will be a recap session for students on the Elementary and Upper Elementary courses one week before the start of teaching. This session is free and does not count towards the ten-week term, provided participants pay their tuition fees before the recap session.



Group A
Date and time: Thursdays at 6.30 PM (UK time)
Start date: 7 April 2022
Course fee: £189
Group B
Date and time: Saturdays at 6.30 PM (UK time)
Start date: 9 April 2022
Course fee: £189

Participants will revise and develop the knowledge they have acquired in earlier courses. They will also learn the negation of present and future tense verbs; begin to learn the simple past tense; learn advanced declension patterns; study other parts of speech and expand their vocabulary; continue to develop their speaking skills.

Future courses

(Please note that the classification of these courses may change)

Upper Intermediate
Available in July 2022

Lower Advanced
Available in September 2022

Available in 2023

Payment and contact information

The fee for all courses includes transfer fees and other costs. For any queries, including regarding payment arrangements, please contact Krikor at (k DOT moskofian AT progarmstud DOT org DOT uk).

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