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Donations 2020-2021

We decided not to conduct our usual fundraising campaign in 2020 due to the multiple disruptions that year brought. We are therefore grouping the donations we received in 2020 with those from 2021.

The Programme of Armenian Studies is grateful to the following individuals for their generous donations and support for the longevity of our organisation:

Dr Ara Sanjian$100£80.77
Nora Lessersohn£100£94.50
Roxanne Makasdjian£75£71.02
Garine Gokceyan£20£18.78
Mosses Der Kevorkian£150£144.60
Dr Armine Ishkanian£150£150
O H Bezirjian£25£23.47
Shogher Margossian£150£144.60
Vahé Kouyoumjian£100£100
Correne Akarakcian£100£94.60
Nazeli Kyuregyan£50£47.25
Hovsep Der Kevorkian£45£43.17
Ani Astourian£37£34.89

Due to exchange rate fluctuations and Paypal charging a fee (2.9%+$0.3), the full sum of donations is not received.

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