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Intermediate Western Armenian


Intermediate Western Armenian starts on Monday 30 July 2018 and ends on Thursday 23 August 2018. This course consists of five hour and a quarter hours of teaching time per day, from Monday to Friday. The total teaching hours are 100.

Course description

Intermediate Western Armenian is for students who have prior basic knowledge of the language (see the course description of Elementary Western Armenian). This course is designed to build on what students have learned at the beginner’s level. It covers many aspects of grammar to take students to a reasonable level of competence in reading, writing and speaking. This course consists of four phases:

Phase one

This phase revises the the grammar of Elementary Western Armenian, including:

  • conjugating present and future tenses, including irregular verbs;
  • the plurals of nouns; definite and indefinite articles;
  • demonstrative and possessive adjectives and pronouns;
  • different types of declension;
  • the formation of words with prefixes, suffixes and of compound nouns;
  • broadening vocabulary, as well as speaking and listening tasks.

Phase two

At this stage students will expand their grammatical knowledge and vocabulary base. The main highlight will be tackling the simple past tense and its irregular forms. The function of the genitive-dative, ablative and instrumental cases will be taught, as well as spelling rules and other grammatical features.

Phase three

This phase comprises:

  • the imperfect past;
  • types of the verb (transitive, intransitive and passive);
  • the conjugation of passive verbs;
  • the function of nominative and accusative cases
  • other grammatical features, such as comparatives and superlatives.

Phase four

In this last phase students will become familiar with a new set of grammatical features, including:

  • a foretaste of the Armenian equivalents of the present and past perfect tenses;
  • the imperative mood;
  • punctuation;
  • other grammatical features.

All grammatical explanations will be consolidated with numerous exercises. In all phases students will build and broaden their basic knowledge of vocabulary, and they will be exposed to reasonably challenging texts. Students also will be asked to write very short essays on variety of topics. The completion of this curriculum is contingent upon students and their classroom performance.


At the end of this course, students should be able to express reasonably sophisticated ideas, wishes, and thoughts on a variety of topics. They should be able to engage in conversations with native speakers on most topics relating to daily life, to write sentences of reasonable complexity on the same themes and to read the kind of texts available in newspapers, etc.

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