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Additional information

Tuition fees and payment

The tuition fees for each of the courses is £1000, which includes administrative costs as well as learning materials. This fee does not include airfare or any other travel expenses. The payment should be made by bank transaction. Please consult the timetable for payment deadlines.


A number of full scholarships are available to cover students’ tuition fees courtesy of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Students should apply for a scholarship here after submitting their general application. Please consult the timetable for application deadlines..

Refund policy

Once the tuition fees are paid they will be not refunded. Only in serious circumstances (family bereavement, serious illness or accidents, unsuccessful visa application) will a refund be considered. For administrative costs £250 will be retained.


Before proceeding with any travelling arrangement students must consult their local British consulates for the type of visa they need. This also applies to students whose home countries do not require visa clearance as a tourist but who might need special visas for other kind of activity in the UK. This does not apply to EU citizens.

Please consult the timetable for application deadlines. After you have submitted your application to the course, visa letters will be issued in support of your visa application. If your visa application is not successful, we will refund any tuition fees you have paid, minus an administrate fee of £250.

Course attendance policy

It is expected that students attend the lessons regularly. Not doing so will affect the smooth running of the course and will create a gap of knowledge between absentees and attendees. This will hold back the rest of the class. If students regularly fail to attend lessons they will be asked to discontinue the course. In this case there will be no refund. This course should not be perceived as a tourist package.


Imparting knowledge on contemporary Armenian issues is also part of this course. Every Wednesday a scholarly lecture will be organised on different topics ranging from politics to religion. These lectures will be delivered by prominent academics.


After a long week of learning, weekends are a time for students to chill out. The Programme of Armenian Studies will organise tours in and around London for students. The fees for these tours are not included in the tuition fees. It should be stressed that they are optional, and the students who participate in these activities will have to pay additionally.

Special offer

A special deal will be offered for accommodation by the Guy Chester Centre for those who have stayed for one course and decide to extend their stay for another. The cost of the accommodation for an additional 28 nights will be reduced to:

  • Single hall of residence room: £713.90
  • Single en-suite rooms: £942.65

Students based in London

Londoners who would like to attend this course and would not like to take the accommodation offer, they can do so provided they attend the class punctually and regularly. Repeated lateness and absences will result in expulsion from the course, in which case there will be no refund.

Travel insurance

It is highly advisable to buy travel insurance, which also includes health insurance.


At the end of the course certificates will be issued for students, in which the attendance record of the student will be stated.

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